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Ultralight Xray Curtains help Snack Foods Manufacturers ensure product quality

Posted by Robert Miller on

Ultralight Xray Curtains ensure product quality

Mary’s Gone Crackers manufactures organic, gluten free and vegan crackers, pretzels and cookies in their own dedicated gluten free facility. To ensure product quality, xray systems are utilized to inspect all packaged products before shipment.

When some of the lighter products were run through the xray system, the team noticed the pouches often would be held up by the protective vinyl xray curtains.

Contacting, they discovered our Ultralight protective curtains, which are less than 50% of the weight of standard curtains. The curtains are also lead free and have a Teflon coating to extend the curtain life and allow the pouches to more easily slide through.

Mary’s Gone Crackers now orders both standard and Ultralight curtains from to outfit their xray systems. 

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