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PEARLTEX Mobile Radiation Shielding Curtains

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PEARLTEXTM Radiation Protective Curtains are lead-free and listed as a FDA Class 1 Medical Device.

These mobile curtain shields offer a unique new design for operating physicians that allows unparalleled protection and safety for close-to-table studies. Sturdy, yet thoughtfully engineered with a small footprint so it can easily be positioned exactly where you want it for maximum scatter radiation protection.

Size: Adjustable height 43½” - 66”
Curtain: 30”W, 0.50 mm LE lead-free PEARLTEX curtain shield.  Multiple heights.
Frame Colors: Standard white, grey or black. Custom options available.
Frame: Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel (Upgrade)

  • Spring mechanism allows for easy adjustment of shield height
  • 3 caster T-bar base design to stabilize the unit
  • 2 locking Casters
  • Smooth easy maneuvering


Radiation Protection:  PEARLTEX is certified to minimum protection level of 0.50 mm Lead Equivalent from 50 kV - 150 kV, tested per IEC EN 61331-1 in compliance to IEC EN 61331-3.

White Color:  This off-white 'Pearl' color is a natural choice for healthcare settings where a clean and crisp color is preferred and it allow for stains to be easily noticed and cleaned.

Stain Resistant: Fluids, oils, grease and other contaminants are easily wiped off with soap, water, or cleansers.  Curtains can be easily cleaned-in place with standard healthcare chemicals without fear of staining or degrading curtains. 

Durable:  Incredible strong, withstanding severe wear and abuse.  Extra strength and tear resistance means extended curtain life. Surface is UV & Ozone resistant, maintaining integrity over time and standing up to repetitive UV-C disinfection cycles in Healthcare settings.

Lead-free:  Certified lead-free & compliant with EU Directive 2011/65/EU for Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) which limits the maximum concentration of lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury, polybrominated biphenyls ad polybrominated diphenylethers.

Flame Resistant:  Resists combustion and will self-extinguish when the source of the flame is removed.


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