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Medical Radiation Protection Lead Curtains

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Lead Curtains for Radiation Protection in medical facilities are available in any size, color and protection levels of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1.0 mm lead equivalent. These X-ray protective lead curtains are available with a heavy-duty track built to your specifications. Our curtain tracks are available either straight or curved to ensure you get the right fit for your room. Thus providing the highest level of quality while allowing customization of a room layout.  Also available with lead free radiation protection!

Custom Sizes

Our lead curtains are custom manufactured to whatever specifications you need. We will work with you to make sure your radiation protection curtains arrive exactly how you want them, and as quickly as possible.

Each curtain includes one grommet hole every six inches with an “S” Hook for every grommet. Curtains wider than 4ft will be manufactured in multiple panels with overlapping flaps secured with heavy duty Velcro strips.


Our curtains are constructed with durable, easy to clean nylon. With 18 available colors, we can satisfy most requirements.

Tracks & Mounting Hardware

We offer a standard hardware kit which includes 6 ft of straight track for a 4 ft wide curtain, two end stops, mounting brackets, and wheeled carriers for each grommet.

Custom Tracks

Every room is not built the same. If you need a curved track for your radiation protection lead curtains we are happy to build it for you, at your exact specifications, to create the exact curtain and track you need to make your room perfect and functional.

Custom Track Options

Door and Window Kits


Lead time

Custom Products are normally shipped 2-3 weeks after order.


Please contact us if you need more information before you order by calling +1 (832) 519-8787 or by email at

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Radiation Protective Lead Curtains  

Lead-lined Xray Curtains designed for use in medical, dental,
veterinary, and industrial applications to protect from scatter radiation.



  • Lightweight leaded vinyl core material
  • Protective nylon outer layer for durability
  • Grommets every 6” on top edge for hanging
  • Tested 50-110 kV per  IEC EN 61331-1 : 2014
  • In compliance with IEC EN 61331-3 : 2014



Composition Nylon curtain with leaded-vinyl matrix core
Colors Available 18 custom colors available (see chart)
Stock Colors Grey (112), Royal Blue (108)
Lead equivalence 0.25 mm 0.50 mm
Thickness  1.5 mm 2.5 mm
Weight (4' x 4' Curtain) 10 lbs 20 lbs
Weight (4' x 7' Curtain) 18 lbs 35 lbs

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