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Lead Free Vinyl

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Our flexible curtains of lead free vinyl protect against radiation without the need for lead.  The product range includes lead equivalent values of 0.125mm, 0.25mm and 0.35mm depending on the level of protection required. Other protection levels are available by request. 

Vinyl coating makes the shielding easy to clean and provides durability for applications where constant abrasion is seen.  Much improve solution over lead rubber curtains.

If lead rubber curtains are needed for replacement, see our security x-ray curtains.

Material is environmentally friendly.  No toxic ingredients. No disposal restrictions.

Custom size panels are available precut with strips to allow easy passage of product through the xray scanner.

Download 0.125mm LE Technical Data Sheet

Download 0.25mm LE Technical Data Sheet

Download 0.35mm LE Technical Data Sheet

Download Safety Data Sheet

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