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How to measure security xray radiation shielding flaps for replacement order

This guide to measuring your existing security scanner xray curtain flaps will ensure you receive the exact replacement curtains required for radiation protection.

Options for Curtains Shielding on Food Xray Scanners

Do your customers ever have issues with the curtain shields on their xray inspection systems? There are several alternatives available today which can help you...

Layer xray curtains for optimal protection while improving product throughput

 Cabinet Xray Systems used in Food and Security Inspection are designed to comply with regulations around the world. While these regulations vary by country, we...

New protective Xray Curtains conform with both FDA and EU Requirements for Direct Food Contact

In 2011, we introduced a new type of xray curtain to the packaging industry, which was compliant with direct food contact regulations under FDA regulation...

Ultralight Xray Curtains help Snack Foods Manufacture ensure product quality

Mary’s Gone Crackers manufactures organic, gluten free and vegan crackers, pretzels and cookies in their own dedicated gluten free facility. To ensure product quality, xray...

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