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How Strong Are Your X-ray Curtains?

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How strong are your x-ray curtains

When you are shopping for your next x-ray curtain there are a variety of factors that you must take into consideration. In addition to meeting all the safety requirements for radiation shielding, the longevity of the x-ray curtain plays a crucial role in your selection. Much of the longevity of your radiation shielding comes down to the tensile strength and wear resistance of the x-ray curtain. X-ray curtain strength is of primary importance in applications where curtains tend to tear due to high speed or heavyweight applications. This can include everything from daily baggage scanning in an airport, to scanning food in PET packaging around the clock in a factory, or even heavy cargo at a logistics facility.

In order to withstand the everyday use in these types of applications, curtain strength is usually enhanced either through a laminate, skin on the outside, or a fiber core on the inside. However, how do you evaluate strength of these materials side-by-side in order to choose the strongest material that will meet your needs? Whether you are looking for x-ray curtains for food scanners or security scanners, this article will help you determine the strength that fits your application the best.

How is X-ray Curtain Strength Determined?

When it comes to x-ray scanner curtains, material strength is determined under ASTM D412 or ISO 37 standards. The break point of a material is called tensile strength. The tensile strength of an x-ray curtain is measured in PSI, MPa, or N/m2. This measurement may sound complicated, but it simply means how much weight can the material lift without breaking. We have broken down for you what this means.

First, you must know your x-ray curtain width. For enhanced durability in both food and security scanner applications x-ray curtains are cut into strips. Most standard applications require a strip ranging from 2” to 4”.

security x-ray curtain width and food x-ray curtain width

So, what does this mean to you? Our strongest curtains used in both security and food inspection applications have a tensile strength above 1400 N/50mm. This means a standard 3.5” wide x-ray curtain strip could be used to lift over 550 lbs. of dead weight without breaking. Another common scenario to look at would be a 1” wide curtain strip, which would lift over 150 lbs. of dead weight. We would challenge anyone to tear these curtains by hand!

X-ray Curtains that are Built to Last

The high tensile strength of curtains is a testament to their durability. We carry over 60 flexible scanner curtain materials to suit a wide range of applications. Many of our x-ray curtains for heavy use applications are engineered with a special coating that reduces surface friction and increases wear resistance. X-ray curtains without a coating can suffer from poor strength and reduced shielding capabilities.

In addition to the coating, polymer threads can be encapsulated in the rubber to provide tear resistance. If you have an application that requires even more enhanced strength, we can custom manufacture curtain material to fit your specific application.

The next time you have concerns about your x-ray curtains tearing or breaking, give us a call at (832) 519-8787 and ask how we can help you with higher strength, long-life x-ray curtains.

If you are continually dealing with torn x-ray curtains and need to make a change, we can show you how to compare materials and select a product which will meet your needs. Let us know how we can help!

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