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Radiation Shielding X-Ray Curtains & Barriers

Widest Selection of X-ray Curtains, Custom Size Panels, Fast Shipment

Radiation Protection Curtains for Food Scanners | Radiation Protection for Medical | Radiation Protection Curtains for X-Ray Scanners was established in 2004 to provide lead-free curtains for X-Ray inspection systems. We ship X-Ray Curtains globally, and have customers in almost 100 countries! Our customers choose us since we have faster delivery and lower prices than the X-Ray Manufacturers. Please let us know your requirements so we can provide a quotation or samples.

Lead Free Vinyl

General use X-ray Curtains. Durable and high strength.

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Ultralight Xray Curtains

Best shielding to use for lightweight products. Will not tip cups or hold up pouches.

From $200

Food Contact Xray Curtains

Compliant with FDA and EU Requirements for Direct Food Contact.

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Heavyweight Xray Curtains

Durable radiation protection for Security and Case Xray Inspection Systems.

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Medical Radiation Curtains

Protective Nylon Curtains for Medical and Veterinary Xray Applications.

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Technical Services and Design

Support Services for Design and Fabrication, Radiation Surveys, and Regulatory Filings.

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Latest News

Best Methods to Shield Doorways, Room Pass-throughs, and Windows from X-ray Scatter Radiation

Medical providers understand the importance of keeping both their patients and employees safe from harmful radiation scatter produced by medical imaging equipment. This is true in any medical practice setting. 

When Easy-to-Clean, Stain Resistant Radiation Shielding is Needed, Choose PEARLTEX™

Easy-to-clean & stain resistant PEARLTEX radiation shielding is the preferred solution for medical imaging environments. Keeping your equipment sanitary is a top concern.

PEARLTEX Cleanable Radiation Shielding for Healthcare Settings

PEARLTEX is the natural choice for radiation protection in healthcare settings where a clean and crisp color is preferred. The lead-free material is a safe and effective alternative to lead vinyl. The non-porous surface can be cleaned with common hospital cleansers and does not stain.

About Us

Lead Free Shields and are both trade names for Intech Partners, LLC. Our facilities are located in Houston, Texas. We began development of lead-free, non-toxic radiation curtain shields for xray scanners used in the food industry in 2003.  This novel product was the basis for the original company name of "Lead Free Shields".  We subsequently introduced the first non toxic xray curtains for xray systems as well as the first xray curtains which met FDA guidelines for direct food contact.

Today, we offer a wide range of shielding products for many industries, including

  • Curtain shields for security, food and NDT x-ray scanning systems
  • Medical curtain shields, barriers and protective blankets
  • Industrial and Nuclear Shielding, including broad spectrum, tungsten and bismuth alloys, composites and loaded polymer sheets.

The online store provides a convenient method for our customers throughout the world to purchase the exact quantities they need for quick delivery.

Bulk quantities of rollstock and custom solutions are available as well.  Please contact us directly for pricing.

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