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Widest Selection of X-ray Curtains, Custom Size Panels, Fast Shipment

Lead Free Vinyl

General use X-ray Curtains. Durable and high strength.

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Ultralight Xray Curtains

Best shielding to use for lightweight products. Will not tip cups or hold up pouches.

From $200

Food Contact Xray Curtains

Compliant with FDA and EU Requirements for Direct Food Contact.

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Heavyweight Xray Curtains

Durable radiation protection for Security and Case Xray Inspection Systems.

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Medical Radiation Curtains

Protective Nylon Curtains for Medical and Veterinary Xray Applications.

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Technical Services and Design

Support Services for Design and Fabrication, Radiation Surveys, and Regulatory Filings.

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Options for Curtains Shielding on Food Xray Scanners

Do your customers ever have issues with the curtain shields on their xray inspection systems? There are several alternatives available...

Layer xray curtains for optimal protection while improving product throughput

 Cabinet Xray Systems used in Food and Security Inspection are designed to comply with regulations around the world. While these...

New protective Xray Curtains conform with both FDA and EU Requirements for Direct Food Contact

In 2011, we introduced a new type of xray curtain to the packaging industry, which was compliant with direct food...

About Us

Lead Free Shields is located in Houston, Texas. We began development of lead free, non toxic curtain shields for xray scanners used in the food industry in 2003.  We subsequently introduced the first non toxic xray curtains for xray systems as well as the first xray curtains which met FDA guidelines for direct food contact.

Today, we offer a wide range of shielding products for both xray scanning systems and apron manufacturers. Our Xray Curtains online store provides a convenient method for our customers throughout the world to purchase the exact quantities they need for quick delivery.

Bulk quantities of rollstock are still available through Lead Free Shields.  Please contact us directly for pricing of large quantities.

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