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Medical X-Ray & Radiation Shielding Curtains & Barriers

Medical X-Ray Radiation Shielding Curtains & Barriers provide the highest level of quality while offering full customization. Available as suspended curtains, mobile curtains, and mobile barriers in any color and size you may need. We will work with you to make sure your radiation shielding configuration arrives exactly how you want it, as quickly as possible.

If you don't see what you need or have questions, you can reach us by email, phone +1 (832) 519-8787, or use our contact form.

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Medical Xray Curtains

Our medical facility xray curtains are available in protection levels of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 mm Pb. Select from 18 colors and endless sizes.

Mobile Radiation Barriers

Our mobile radiation barriers are available in a variety of heights, widths, and window configurations. They are smooth-rolling, easy-maneuvering, and contain the highest levels of radiation protection in the industry.

Xray Table Saddle Shields

Our 0.5mm lead equivalence Xray table shields block scattered radiation while allowing for unobstructed operation of your C-Arm fluoroscope.

Brachytherapy Lap Blankets

Our Brachytherapy Shielding Lap Blanket is designed to significantly reduce the external radiation resulting from implanted seed radiotherapy.

Mobile Xray Curtains

These lead curtains allow unparalleled protection for close-to-table studies. They offer an adjustable design and small footprint engineered with operating physicians in mind.

Dental Xray Curtains

Our dentist office xray curtains are available in standard sizes ready to ship with or without track systems.

Leaded Xray Glass

Our leaded Xray glass provides 2.0mm Pb shielding for protective viewing windows in shielded walls, doors, and barriers.

Custom Xray Shielding Design

Design of custom track and hanger systems for wall or ceiling mounting of Medical and Industrial Xray Curtains. We will work with your installation contractor to insure efficient on site installation.

Ready to Ship Curtains

Our xray curtains are available for immediate shipping in 0.25mm or 0.50mm LE, measuring 4'x4' or 4'x7' in a Grey color

Veterinary Clinic X-ray Curtains

X-ray Curtains for Vet Clinics shield against scatter radiation. Available in mutiple thicknesses.

Radiation Shielding Calculations

Guidance on shielding required to protect against scatter radiation in medical clinics.

Interlocking Lead Bricks for Caves

Construct custom radiation shielding barriers to protect from high energy x-ray scatter or radioactive materials.

Adhesive-backed Flexible Shielding

Leaded and lead-free flexible shielding is lined with pressure-sensitive adhesive to allow for easy application to walls and equipment.

Ceiling Mount Curtain Tracks

Installation Kits for mounting Radiation Shielding Curtains. Complete kits for design of radiation protection rooms. Curtain Tracks are 16 gauge high strength steel, suitable for supporting the heaviest curtains.

Xray Curtains for Doors & Windows

Shielding of doorways, windows and office pass-throughs in new imaging rooms can be simplified by using lead-lined curtains, providing a simple alternative to installation of lead-lined doors or leaded glass windows.

Lead-free Mobile Barrier (0.5mm Pb)

Portable, full-body radiation barrier for protection against radiation withan area of 72" tall x 34" wide. Specifically designed for shielding in medical settings where 0.5mm Pb is required. 

Lead-free Radiation Shielding Window

Transparent radiation shielding made from a lead-free sheet of acrylic copolymer which contains bismuth to provide X-ray shielding properties comparable to lead.

C-Arm X-ray Cover

Custom designed C-Arm cover which protects imaging staff from scatter radiation during general radiology imaging.

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