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Radiation Shielding Calculations

Radiation Shielding Calculations

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We calculate medical X-ray imaging shielding requirements using guidelines published by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.  These calculations are meant to provide our global clients with estimates of shielding which will protect their staff and visitors.  

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 A commonly asked question is "How much shielding do I need?"  We provide general guidance based on common use in in each sector.  Determining the radiation shielding needed depends upon the imaging equipment being used, frequency of use, the building's construction materials, room occupancy, and use of adjacent rooms.   

Local and national radiation shielding guidelines can vary and can be different for dental, veterinary and medical practices.  In many countries, Radiation or Health Physicists must be consulted with to perform shielding calculations to meet these local and national requirements.


We offer our clients a general report which shows shielding necessary to meet the following compliance standards.

- Controlled Areas: 0.10 mGy/wk

- Uncontrolled Areas: 0.02 mGy/wk


Controlled Areas

A controlled area is a limited access area in which the occupational exposure of personnel to radiation is under the supervision of an individual in charge of radiation protection. This implies that access, occupancy and working conditions are controlled for radiation protection purposes. In facilities that use x-rays for medical imaging, these areas are usually in the immediate areas where x-ray equipment is used, such as x-ray procedure rooms, x-ray control booths or other areas that require control of access, occupancy and working conditions for radiation protection purposes. The workers in these areas are primarily radiologists and radiographers who are specifically trained in the use of ionizing radiation and whose radiation exposure is usually individually monitored.

 Uncontrolled Areas

Uncontrolled areas for radiation protection purposes are all other areas in the hospital or clinic and the surrounding environments. Note that trained radiology personnel and other employees, as well as members of the general public, frequent many areas near controlled areas such as building hallways, film-reading rooms or rest rooms.

About Us

Our team has a combined 35 years experience in design of xray equipment and protective shielding.  We assist contractors, engineering companies and manufacturers in optimal design and fabrication of facilities and equipment to insure proper protection from radiation.  We have provided radiation inspection services and surveys in over 25 states.  We assist both equipment manufacturers and end users with registrations and regulatory compliance on the federal and state levels.

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