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Food Scanner X-ray Curtain Shields

Ultralight UHMW X-ray Curtains

Lightweight Curtains with a UHMW face to provide a high-slip surface with good durability. Available in 0.125mm and 0.25mm Lead Equivalent.

USDA 3A Sanitary X-ray Curtains

USDA and 3A Sanitary Standard Compliant. Meets US FDA and EU requirements for direct contact with raw food products. Good for Meat and Dairy.

Xyflex Long-Life X-ray Curtains

Extended wear curtains stand up to abuse in most difficult case inspection applications. The Xyflex polyester skin is flexible and reduces friction.

FDA Food Contact X-ray Curtains

The original Food Contact Xray Curtain meeting FDA & EU specifications. Low-friction coating reduces weight, often used for lightweight inspection.

Custom Cut X-ray Curtains

Most of our customer choose to have us custom cut the xray curtain material to fit their xray systems. We have custom cut curtains for hundreds of customers since 2004!

Loop Hangar X-ray Curtains

We custom fabricate loop hangar curtains for several types of x-ray systems. We offer both single and duplex curtain assemblies which allow for easy disassembly.

Light Blue Vinyl X-ray Curtains

Many common systems still use light blue or black vinyl xray curtains. We stock all types of vinyl xray curtain material for any system.

X-ray Curtain Rollstock

Widest variety of X-ray shielding curtain rollstock in the world. Over 40 types of material are available in stock in our Houston facility.

Adhesive Backed Shielding Panels

Flexible radiation shielding lined with 3M pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application to equipment. Just cut to size, peel & stick.

Options for Curtains Shielding on Food Xray Scanners

Most xray scanners in use today use lead-free elastomers like rubber or vinyl. In these curtains, the lead has been replaced with other 'safe' metals to block the xrays. Bismuth, Antimony, Tin and Tungsten are common lead alternatives. Historically many packaged food inspection systems have used a lead-free vinyl shielding curtain.  Today, many types of materials are available to meet specific processing needs, including Ultralight, FDA, Sanitary and Long-life materials. Typical lead equivalent protection levels are 0.125mm, 0.25mm and 0.35mm depending on the system.

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Ultralight - Thin, lightweight material with low friction UHMW coating used for lightweight product, to prevent hold-up on conveyor and ensure product spacing for reject or downstream checkweigher.  Perfect for xray systems processing lightweight pouches, cartons, or cups where normal curtains would cause the product to catch or stack up on the conveyor belt.  The UHMW on the product contact side also increases lifespan in higher wear applications. 

Food Contact - Used in raw food applications to maintain compliance with FDA regulations for direct food contact.  The materials are compliant with US FDA requirements specified under 21 CFR 177.600 (e) and 177.2600 (f) for use in food contact applications, and EU regulation (EC) 1935/2004.  Two options are available. 

(1) A standard black FDA version where a special coating has been applied to reduce surface friction and improve abrasion resistance, and

(2) A royal blue sanitary version to meet USDA & 3A requirements in factories where raw food may come in contact with the product.

Long-life Xyflex - Often used in inspection of cased food products or abrasive packaging where a durable, lower friction surface is necessary.  The Xyflex curtains are proven to be the longest life x-ray curtains on the market.

Vinyl - Common general use material installed on many xray systems used by OEMs for packaged food applications.  Most often used in light blue or black color.  


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