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Ultralight X-Ray Curtains

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Ultralight X-Ray Curtains

Ultralight Xray Curtains provide radiation shielding equal to 0.125 mm lead. The lead is replaced with non-toxic metals which block radiation. By using a combination of heavy metals, we created a very light weight x-ray curtains with 25% lower weight than traditional x-ray curtains.

A UHMW film is applied to one side to increase x-ray curtain durability in high wear applications.  This lead-free curtain is perfect for x-ray systems inspecting lightweight pouches, cartons, or cups where other lead free curtains may cause the product to catch or stack up on the conveyor belt. They can also be used effectively on jar inspection systems. Our Ultralight Xray Curtains are unique and you will not find another curtain like this on the market!

Ultralight X-Ray Curtain Features

  • 0.125mm lead equivalent protection level.
  • Duplex curtain sets available to provide 0.25mm lead equivalent. 
  • Precut curtain sets have a standard curtain strip width of 25mm.
  • Custom cut xray curtains are available for any model of xray system.


Please contact us for details on custom curtain sets or large quantity orders by calling +1 (832) 519-8787 or by email at


Product Details

  • Durable Abrasion Resistant Film on Product Contact Side
  • Lightweight Lead Free Rubber Core Composite Shielding
  • ROHS & REACH Compliant


Physical Properties

Composition Rubber Matrix
Color Brown/Black
Lead equivalence (+/- 10%)* 0.125 mm
Thickness (+/- 10%) 0.55 mm
Weight 1.7 kg/m2
Hardness 60 +/- 5 Shore A
Tensile strength (min.) 8 MPa
Elongation at Break 1.4


 *Certified according to DIN 61331-1 (50 kV - 110 kV)


Download TDS (Technical Data Sheet) UHMW Faced Curtain


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