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radiation shielding FAQ's

Top Ten FAQ’s About Installing X-Ray Curtains for Medical Imaging Radiation Shielding

Posted by Mandy Bayman on

Flexible leaded rubber x-ray curtains are an adaptable and easy solution for radiation protection in many medical imaging environments. X-ray curtains come in many colors, sizes and thickness to meet every application. These frequently asked questions will help you learn about radiation protection options and installation.
  • Tags: Dental, Medical, Radiology, Shielding, veterinary
  • How Much Radiation Shielding Do I Need For My Medical Clinic?

    How Much Radiation Shielding Do I Need For My Medical Clinic?

    Posted by Mandy Bayman on

    Determining what kind of radiation shielding is needed for medical imaging, how thick the material should be and how and where to place the shielding can depend upon the imaging equipment being used, its frequency of use, the building's construction materials, room occupancy, adjacent rooms and the layout of the building. This is a guide to help medical professionals and administrative staff better understand the requirements for radiation shielding in settings where medical imaging procedures are performed.  
  • Tags: Dental, Medical, veterinary
  • Veterinary Radiation Shielding

    Shielding Your Veterinary Office During X-Ray Procedures

    Posted by Robert Miller on

    Radiation protection in animal clinics can be an afterthought.  Learn about simple ways to protect your office.
  • Tags: veterinary
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