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Lead-Free Radiation Protection Benefits

Lead-free-rohsWhile lead is the material most commonly used for radiation protection, other elements are also effective in protection against the harmful effects of X-Rays. Lead simply has the lowest initial cost. Since 2004, has been a leader in the transition to lead-free materials with our Lead-Free Curtains and lead-free aprons (coming soon).

Our proprietary blend of X-Ray attenuating elements results in lighter weight materials that don't break down over time, dramatically reducing TCO (total cost of ownership). Unlike their lead counterparts, lead-free materials are exempt from hazardous waste regulations. Lead-free materials can be disposed of or recycled like other common materials – further reducing TCO.

Also notable, is the health of workers and staff exposed to the effects of lead. According to the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) and many other health organizations, lead is a probable human carcinogen with severe neurological and renal effects. invites you to call and learn about your options for more sustainable materials and a healthy working environment so you may evaluate the long-term costs and effects of using lead-free products compared to lead products.

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