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Xyflex® Lead-free Flexible Radiation Shielding

Xyflex flexible shielding was designed as an improved long-wear radiation shielding material for x-ray scanners.  This lead-free shielding is available in a range of radiation protection levels from 0.25mm - 1.0mm Lead Equivalent.

The primary differentiating feature is a textured polyester skin, which provides both high slip for light products and a long wear life for heavy, abrasive products.

The metal blend has been tuned to help reduce thickness and improve curtain flexibility.  This help to prevent twisting and curling sometimes seen as curtains age, maintaining radiation protection.

The lead-free Xyflex formulation is ROHS compliant and has also been tested in conformance with aggressive waste disposal regulations in California for CAM17 metals.  Xyflex meets requirements for disposal as general waste in most countries.


Food Scanners

Xyflex 437 has a 0.28mm Lead Equivalent from 80 - 120 kVp.  This material is specifically designed for the higher energy range of Food Scanners where a long-life xray curtain is needed.  At just 1 mm thick, it provides excellent flexibility while still exhibiting a Tensile Strength of over 500 N/50mm.  

Mail Scanners

Xyflex 435 and 437 can both be used in mail scanning applications.  Mail scanners often operate over the 100 - 160 kVp range. For the smaller scanners used on regular mail and small parcels, we recommend the lightweight XRC437.  For the larger scanners used on packagers, we recommend the XRC 435. These materials are available in protection levels from 0.25 to 0.35 mm Lead Equivalent.

Checkpoint Security Scanners

Xyflex 435 is available in a standard 0.35mm Lead Equivalent as used on most traditional security systems.  High volume checkpoint scanners and the newer CT scanners often require a 0.5mm Lead Equivalent.  Our XRC434 is available in 0.5mmPb with an extra high-wear skin to insure long life in even the toughest applications.

Cargo, Large Baggage & NDT Systems

Larger systems often operate at 160kVp, 200 kVp and even up to 300 kVp.  These systems usually use x-ray curtains with a higher percentage of Bismuth or Tungsten (if lead-free) for blocking radiation.  XRC434 is available in a 0.6mm Lead Equivalent, and XRC432 in a 1.0 mm Lead Equivalent.

 Customer Review:

“We installed a set of lead free curtains on a very busy Smiths Detection 6040i located in Clackamas County, Oregon in January of this year.  Since installation, the system has run over 115,000 packages. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they still appear to be new with no apparent wear.nWe maintain a fleet of approximately 30 Smiths Detection systems typically used by venues such as Moda Center and T-Mobile Park and are really pleased with the shielding performance, long life and great appearance.” - Tom Doucette

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