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Adhesive-Backed Leaded Vinyl Shielding

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XRC635 Series Adhesive-lined Leaded Vinyl

Leaded x-ray protective material with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing. General purpose use for x-ray cabinets, medical and general NDT radiation shielding. Lead-free vinyl skin for safer handling and improved strength.

Use for protection from gamma radiation or x-ray tubes.
- Lead equivalent thicknesses from 0.25mm Pb to 1.0mm Pb.
- Sheets and roll sizes up to 4 ft or 1200mm width.

Adhesive Properties

- Special acrylic adhesive with excellent chemical resistance and bond strength even at elevated temperatures.
- Long Term Temperature Resistance -40 °C to 120 °C
- Bonds well to a wide variety of plastics, powder coatings and metals.

Peel Adhesion by ASTM D3330:
- 16.4 N/cm Stainless Steel
- 15.8 N/cm Painted Metal
- 9.3 N/cm ABS
- 9.8 N/cm Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
- 10.0 N/cm Aluminum

Download Technical Data Sheet for Adhesive-Backed Leaded Vinyl


Product Options and Formats

All product is made to order to ensure quality of the adhesive material.  Standard roll size is 600mm by 1200mm (2 ft x 4 ft).  Product is available with larger roll sizes, precut panels, and custom cut shapes.


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