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Industrial Plated Lead Barriers

Industrial Plated Lead Barriers

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Industrial Lead Barrier with Structural Plate 

These Industrial Barriers are used to shield NDT personnel from radiation in any environment.  Specifically designed for shielding in confined spaces and areas with smaller footprints. 

High Strength Frame

The aluminum frame protects the user from lead exposure while insuring a long-lasting rigid assembly.  The body panels are made from structural aluminum tread plate, providing both strength and a durable, resilient finish.

Technical Information

The 1/4" lead core (6.3mm) provides substantial protection in any NDT environment.  The frame assembly is only 1/2" thick (12.5mm).  The 24" x 48" barrier weighs 150 lbs (67 kg).

Each barrier includes a set of floor supports and levelling feet to mount upright.  Also included is a set of crane hooks for overhead mounting or moving.

Radiation Attenuation

150 kVp        99.9999 %

200 kVp        99.997 %

300 kVp        95.7 %

Ir-192           60 %


    Typical leadtime is 3 weeks.  Limited number of lead barriers may be available in stock for immediate shipment.  

    Shipping will be quoted based on zip code.  Crating charge included in price.

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