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X-ray Scanner Curtain Samples

Xray Scanner Curtain Samples

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Do you need samples to compare with your current xray curtains?  Or maybe you want to order a different product.  We offer samples to allow you to get a hands-on look before you buy.

Most xray scanners sold today use lead-free vinyl or rubber. In these curtains, the lead has been replaced with other 'safe' metals to block the xrays. Tungsten is the most common metal. In addition to Lead-Free Vinyl, FDA compliant rubber and ultralight options are available for lightweight packages or raw food applications. These products includes lead equivalent protection of 0.125mm, 0.25mm and 0.35mm depending on the level of protection required.

We carry Lead-Free products for Security and Industrial applications as well, with protection levels up to 1.0mm lead equivalent.

Most often scanners used for security inspection use leaded vinyl or rubber.  we carry these leaded shielding products in protection levels ranging from 0.25mm Pb to 1.0mm Pb.  If you do not see a sample of the product you need, just make a request on our contact page.


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