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Veterinary Xray Room Door Shielding - 1.0mmPb Curtain Kit. SKU: PETMVet-MI XRC683NYL001-48WM-112

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Shielding of doorways, windows and office pass-throughs in new imaging rooms can be simplified by using lead-lined curtains.  This option provides a simple alternative to installation of lead-lined doors or leaded glass windows.

What size Radiation Curtain Shield do I need?

For a typical doorway or pass-through, a minimum ADA width will be 36”.  For a 36” wide opening, a 48” curtain should be selected to insure overlap on each side.  For wider openings, just add corresponding width to the curtain.

The curtain track will either be mounted above the door frame or from the ceiling.  Normally the track will extend 1-2 ft on one side of the opening so the curtain can be pulled completely out of the way when not in use.  A 6 ft long track will be more than adequate for most situations.

Curtains can be pulled back when not in use.  The track rollers can be pulled back to a 16" width.  The Curtain can be further compressed and help back using Curtain Tiebacks or Hooks.  These options are not included as they are normally customized for each installation.  Any standard Curtain Tieback should work.

Wall-Mount Curtains Kit

This Custom Kit includes the track, wall brackets, endstops, carriers, and associated hardware necessary for mounting.   Installer will typically only need to provide a drill, level, studfinder and screwdriver.

These tracks and curtains shields, or drapes, can be installed in under two hours, and are not much more difficult than installing window curtains or a wall mount TV. 

Our Curtain Tracks are 16-gauge high strength steel, suitable for supporting the heaviest curtains.  If a 4-foot wide curtain is ordered, a 6-foot section of track will be supplied.  Custom track shapes with curves are also available.

Lead time

We maintain limited stock curtain kits for immediate shipment.  Non-stock items normally ship within 3 weeks from order.  


Please contact us if you need more information before you order by calling +1 (832) 519-8787 or by email at


Radiation Protective Lead Curtains  

  • Lightweight leaded vinyl core material
  • Protective nylon outer layer for durability
  • Grommets every 6” on top edge for hanging
  • Tested 50-110 kV per  IEC EN 61331-1 : 2014
  • In compliance with IEC EN 61331-3 : 2014



Composition:                     Nylon curtain with leaded-vinyl matrix core

Color:                                 Grey (112)         

Lead equivalence:              1.0 mm

Thickness:                          2.0 mm

Weight (4' x 8' Curtain):     80 lbs   

Weight (Hardware Kit):      18 lbs   

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