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Voti Detection X-Ray Scanner Curtains

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X-Ray Curtain Shields for Voti Security Scanners

Each set here includes 4 complete layers of curtain strips for the Voti X-ray Scanner

These curtain strips are for use on x-ray scanners in checkpoint, baggage, cargo, parcel, security and freight screening. Full replacement sets are available for any x-ray inspection system, or just buy the number of curtain strips ( lead or lead-free) required to replace those which are worn or damaged. Select your Voti x-ray machine model from the dropdown menu or from the below table.

Curtain Shielding Features

  • Series 5 & 6:  0.25 mm lead equivalent protection level 
  • Series 7: 0.35 mm lead equivalent protection level 
  • Series 10:  0.5 mm lead equivalent protection level 
  • Series 15: 0.6 mm  lead equivalent protection level 

All materials certified according to DIN 61331-1 (60 kV - 150 kV)

Select your Voti Detection Security Xray Model














Each set of x-ray curtains listed above includes 4 layers of curtain flaps for the model you select.  Some machines may require more layers depending on installation type and location.  Other lead equivalents are available for any machine.

Model Series Tunnel Size
XR3D-50S 5 550mm x 350mm
XR3D-60S 6 615mm x 425mm
XR3D-6D 6 615mm x 425mm
XR3D-7D 7 750mm x 550mm
XR3D-100 10 1014mm x 1062mm
XR3D-100D 10 1014mm x 1062mm
XR3D-100B 10 1014mm x 1062mm
XR3D-100BD 10 1014mm x 1062mm
XR3D-15D 15 1500mm x 1650mm
XR3D-7 7 750mm x 550mm


Please contact us for details on custom curtain sets or large quantity orders by calling +1 (832) 519-8787 or by email at

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