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Xray Table Saddle Shields, Custom Size by the Square Foot

Regular price $ 1,350.00

If you require custom saddle shields, we will manufacture to your specification.  Note that standard sizes are available  here.

Please estimate the total area of shielding required in square feet and select from above menu.  You can send us exact table dimensions (length, width, height) by email or via our contact form.

Our 0.5mm lead equivalence Xray table shields block scattered radiation while allowing for unobstructed operation of your C-Arm fluoroscope. The table surface material contains a reinforced radiotransparent fabric liner, while the overlapping saddle-bag shielding flaps use 0.5mm lead shielding for protecting both sides of your Xray table. Many sizes and colors are available. Please contact us to order custom sizes. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.

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