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International Credit Terms for Purchase of Radiation Shielding Products

Posted by Mandy Bayman on

International credit terms payment terms radiation shielding radiation protection

Protecting staff, customers and those surrounding from exposure to the harmful effects of radiation is important in any setting where ionizing radiation is used. This is often the case in medical imaging, food inspection scanner, security scanner, NDT and other industrial settings. The equipment used must be properly shielded using products like x-ray curtains, shielding panels, barriers and other materials made from lead and lead-free alternatives. 

Obtaining radiation shielding products can only be done from qualified, credible and certified suppliers. When these suppliers are new or out of the home country, credit and payment terms can be difficult to arrange. This can lead to a required pre-payment for products or being forced to purchase an inferior product.

Credit Terms for International Customers, headquartered in Houston, Texas USA,  is a leading supplier of radiation shielding products and ships to over 60 countries. Expedited shipping of hundreds of in-stock and custom cut x-ray curtains can speed up delivery times when it’s needed most.  Many small purchasers pay upon order either by credit card or bank transfer. offers credit terms to qualified international customers to avoid pre-payment of product. This eliminates the risk for customers by postponing payment until after they have received their product.

Qualifying for Credit Terms

We are looking forward to providing your company with superior radiation shielding solutions. In order to qualify for credit terms with, the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum purchase of $5000 per order or $20,000 per annum
  • Complete the International Credit Application
  • Agree to the terms of sale

Maximum payment terms are net 60 days from shipment. The approval process typically takes 2-3 weeks. Questions about this process can be directed to

Superior Product and Lower Risk

Radiation shielding products from are safe and effective. They have been rigorously tested and can be used in a variety of applications including medical, security, food inspection and industrial settings. Don’t settle for prepayment or a lower quality product. Choose a superior product with favorable terms for international sales.

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  • Hi there! Your clarification regarding the need for radiation-resistant products to be acquired from authorized dealers to ensure their overall quality was spot on. My son-i-law is currently working as a part-time assistant at an X-ray lab and he’s always afraid of getting too much radiation. Maybe he should just refer to a professional to figure out what he should do next if his health condition deteriorates as a result.

    Amy Saunders on

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