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X-Ray Curtains in Security Applications

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Choose the right leaded or lead-free shielding for your x-ray scanner

X-ray curtains are used to shield operators and other personnel around the x-ray scanner from exposure to harmful radiation as materials pass through the x-ray tunnel. Proper protection from radiation keeps surrounding staff safe while ensuring compliance with radiation regulations. Cabinet x-ray systems are used for inspection in a wide variety of security applications, including airport checkpoints, baggage scanning, cargo scanning and other government security settings. These systems must meet federal codes for radiation producing equipment and require a set of flexible x-ray curtain shields to protect personnel from radiation while the product is moving through the inspection zone.

These curtains need to be replaced many times during the service life of the machine, which typically exceeds 10 years. X-ray curtains should be checked for wear during weekly inspections and are a critical part of the annually mandated radiation inspection and certification. 

Whether specifying a new system or replacing curtains on an old system, it is important to select the correct leaded or lead-free curtain material for the application.   If you know what you need, you can download our order specification form here: Security Curtain RFQ Form

Shielding Products Designed for Every Application offers x-ray curtains for baggage, cargo and checkpoint scanners, in addition to comprehensive custom options. We can help you identify the correct x-ray curtain for your application, which is critical for the safety of associates, customers and others in the area of the x-ray scanner.

Customers can select lead-free x-ray curtains for any application. Our XyflexTM lead-free curtains are a mixed-metal blend, combining bismuth as a high Z radiation attenuator and a second low Z attenuator to provide the best protection while reducing weight compared to lead curtains. This lead-free option is easier to dispose of and the healthiest choice for staff and the environment. 

Baggage Scanner X-Ray Curtain Shields

Baggage Scanner X-Ray Curtain ShieldsX-ray curtains for baggage scanners used for security in airports and transportation facilities are available in both lead and lead-free versions. Baggage scanners are midsize units most often used to scan checked baggage or in customs control.  

Typical curtain shields used for baggage scanner radiation protection have lead equivalent protection levels from 0.35 mm Pb to 0.6 mm Pb. Multiple layers are needed to offer full protection. These curtains require good tear resistance and a medium level of tensile strength.  


Checkpoint Scanner X-ray Curtain Shields

Checkpoint Scanner X-Ray Curtain Shields

X-ray curtains for checkpoint and small parcel scanners used in airports, government buildings, schools and corporate offices are available in both lead and lead-free versions.  Checkpoint scanners are units used in security control areas, with a conveyor belt located at waist height.  

Typical curtain shields used for checkpoint scanner radiation protection have lead equivalent protection levels from 0.35 mm Pb to 0.5 mm Pb. Multiple layers are needed to offer full protection. These curtains should be lightweight to allow small parcels or minimally filled bins to pass through without restrictions.


Cargo Scanner X-ray Curtain Shields

Cargo Scanner X-ray Curtain Shields

X-ray curtains for airport cargo scanners and other shipping facilities are available in both lead and lead-free versions. Cargo Scanners are usually loaded near floor level and have openings large enough to accept pallets and crates.  

Typical curtain shields used for cargo scanner radiation protection have lead equivalent protection levels from 0.5 mm Pb to 1.0 mm Pb. Multiple layers are needed to offer full protection.  These curtains require extreme tear resistance and the highest tensile strength of all shielding curtains.  

General Specifications

We offer both partial sets to replace worn or torn curtains, or full custom replacement sets for any x-ray inspection system.  

  • Available in lead and lead-free versions. 
  • Multiple protection levels from 0.25 mm up to 1.0 mm lead attenuation equivalent.
  • Certified according to DIN 61331-1 and ASTM 2547-18
  • Strip widths to match machine requirements. Common widths: 88mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm. 
  • Individual curtain strips cut to length and punched.
  • Sectioned strip panels available for simplified mounting.
  • Black abrasion resistant coating on both sides.
  • All synthetic fabric layer in center for strength. is Your Fast and Easy Online Store for Lead-Free Security X-Ray Curtains provides both lead and lead-free radiation shielding curtains for x-ray security scanners. Our solutions include custom cut curtain sets and shielding design for extension tunnels on any airport scanner.  We offer the widest selection of radiation shielding curtains in the world. Our applications engineering team is also experienced with design, maintenance and certification of conveyorized x-ray systems for use in the US, Europe and Asia. This applications knowledge enables us to provide optimal shielding solutions for any x-ray system in any environment. 

Intech founded the radiation shielding business in 2004 in order to develop lead-free alternatives to common leaded x-ray shielding. We have worked in the development and application of many of the lead-free curtain shielding products used on security, food and NDT scanners.  We stock over 40 x-ray curtain materials with lead-free versions ranging from 0.125 mm to 2.0mm Lead Equivalent per IEC 61331-1 and ASTM 2547-18 Standards. 

What makes us different? 

X-ray Experts:  As experts in design and certification of x-ray systems, we know how to provide optimized solutions for any system which will be compliant with your national regulations. 

Largest Inventory:  We stock over 40 x-ray curtain materials with a wide variety of shielding characteristics, allowing us to provide the correct shielding solution in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Custom Cut Curtains:  We know there are over 1,000 models of conveyorized x-ray scanners, most with unique curtain patterns. After custom cutting curtains for over 15 years, we know how to help! 

Fast, cost-effective global shipping:  Our global supply chain allows us to provide cost-effective shipping anywhere in the world with deliveries in under a week. We have customers using our shielding solutions in over 60 countries! 

We distribute leaded x-ray curtain replacement material for leading manufacturers.  We also offer our specialty line of lead-free shielding materials, with a wide range of single and mixed-metal lead replacements, including high radiation-attenuation metals such as bismuth, tungsten, tin, antimony and barium. Materials are specified by application to provide the optimum shielding solution for the x-ray source, while taking into account requirements for strength, weight, abrasion resistance and environmental compliance.   

When substituting lead-free material for OEM leaded curtains, we have the knowledge to provide Certified Replacement Parts compliant with national regulations for conveyorized cabinet x-ray systems such as airport baggage scanners.   

Most of our lead-free materials are compliant for landfill as General Waste in most countries or can be recycled in appropriate facilities. No restricted metals are added, and the level of metals present as impurities do not pose a risk of leaching into runoff water. 

Whether you need shielding curtains for a cargo scanner, baggage scanner, checkpoint scanner or mail scanner, we can provide an optimized solution


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