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Proudly Serving National Institutions

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Trusted by National Institutions for over 20 years to provide safe and reliable radiation shielding. 

Radiation Shielding Solutions

We are proud to have partnered with the U.S. government and nationally recognized labs to design and manufacture custom radiation shielding products for an array of critical applications. Providing safe, reliable products is our top priority. Our products are tested and certified to strict industry standards, and engineered to last. Whether you are looking for radiation shielding to use in a medical center or on base, scanner curtains to install at a security checkpoint, or custom shielding solutions for special applications, we can provide the products necessary to get the job done.

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Our Products

We have developed product to service a wide range of radiation shielding applications, including: 

  • NDT Shielding
  • Nuclear Isotope Shielding
  • Electron Beam Shielding
  • Medical Radiation Shielding
  • Security Xray Shielding
  • Fast Pulse Laser Shielding

Who We Are

Intech is a Houston-based manufacturer of radiation protection products and solutions. We supply A&E firms, manufacturers, government and medical organizations. Our team has been at the leading edge of radiation shielding designs using leadfree materials since 2003. Intech offers Lead and Lead-Free Composites, Alloys and Polymers for Radiation Shielding in the NDT, Nuclear, Industrial, Security, Medical & Electronics Sectors. Contact us to learn more. 


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