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X-Ray Curtains in Food Processing and Packaging

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X-Ray Curtains in Food Processing and Packaging

X-ray curtains are used to shield workers and others surrounding the x-ray scanner from exposure to harmful radiation as food passes through. Proper protection from x-ray radiation keeps food packaging workers safe while ensuring compliance with radiation regulations.  Cabinet x-ray systems are used for inspection in a wide variety of food processing and packaging applications. Conveyorized systems must meet federal codes for radiation producing equipment and require a set of flexible x-ray curtain shields to protect personnel from radiation while the product is moving through the inspection zone.

These curtains need to be replaced many times during the service life of the machine, which typically exceeds 10 years. X-ray curtains should be checked for wear during weekly inspections and are a critical part of the annually mandated radiation inspection and certification. When replacing curtains, the cheapest solution is not usually the best solution. Leaded rubber, which is used on airport security scanners, can be low cost. However, leaded rubber is not acceptable for the food industry. For many years, lead-free curtains have been the standard for radiation protection in the food industry.

Whether specifying a new system or replacing curtains on an old system, it is important to select the correct curtain material for the application. 

Shielding Products Designed for Every Application

Choosing the correct x-ray curtain for the application is critical for food safety and the safety of associates. offers all major types of lead-free x-ray curtain materials for conveyorized x-ray food inspection systems, including lead-free Xyflex for heavy or abrasive packages, food contact compliant curtains for raw food and USDA regulated facilities, ultralight curtains for inspection of lightweight packages, and light blue vinyl curtains for standard packaged food, 

Xyflex Long-life X-Ray Curtains 

 Xyflex Long-Life X-ray Curtains

Extended wear Xyflex curtains stand up to abuse in most difficult case inspection applications. The primary differentiating feature is a textured polyester skin, which provides both high slip for light products and a long wear life for heavy, abrasive packages.

Food Contact X-Ray Curtains for Raw Meat

Food Contact X-Ray Curtains for Raw Meat

These hygienic x-ray curtains have been specifically developed for factories where raw food may come in contact with the material. The x-ray curtains have been tested to conform to a range of food contact regulations including certain FDA, EU, USDA & 3A material standards for rubber articles intended for repeated use in contact with aqueous foods and fatty foods, such as raw meat, fish and poultry. The material has been tested as suitable for product contact and cleaning and bactericidal treatment temperatures up to 180 F (82 C).

Ultralight X-Ray Curtains for Inspection of Lightweight Packages

Ultralight X-Ray Curtains for Inspection of Lightweight Packages

These lightweight x-ray curtains are 25% lighter than traditional x-ray curtains and are perfect for systems processing lightweight pouches, cartons or cups where standard curtains would cause the product to back-up on the conveyor belt. The low-friction UHMW on the product contact side increases lifespan while helping alleviate issues with product spacing or orientation which is critical for downstream equipment such as a reject device or checkweigher.

Economy X-Ray Curtains for Standard Packaged Food

Economy X-Ray Curtains for Standard Packaged Food

Rubber and vinyl curtains are the most common product used on packaged food scanners. These materials are coated to make the shielding easy to clean and provide durability for applications where constant abrasion is seen. 

Custom X-Ray Curtains

Custom X-Ray Curtains provides x-ray curtains to companies for all makes and models of x-ray systems.  Custom cut curtains can be ordered to quickly address your radiation safety concerns or production issues. is Your Fast and Easy Online Store for Lead-Free Food Inspection Curtains

The online store is a quick and convenient way for customers throughout the world to purchase the exact quantities they need for fast order processing and expedited global shipping. For more information, call (832) 519-8787 or email

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