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How to Improve X-ray Scanner Throughput of Lightweight Products

Posted by Jared Carver on

How to Improve X-ray Scanner Throughput of Lightweight Products

Ultralight X-Ray Curtains for Inspection of Lightweight Packages on Food Scanners

Ultralight X-ray Curtains are perfect for x-ray systems inspecting lightweight pouches, cartons, or cups where heavier lead-free curtains may cause the product to catch or stack up on the conveyor belt. The curtains are commonly used to insure product spacing upstream of a checkweigher and to enable consistent reject timing.

An ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) film is applied to one side to increase x-ray curtain durability in high wear applications.  The low friction surface is ideally suited for inspection of lightweight packages.  No more product backups on the conveyor!

These lightweight curtains provide radiation shielding equal to 0.125 mm lead. To make a lead-free curtain, lead is replaced with non-toxic metals which block radiation.

By using a combination of heavy metals, we have created ultralight weight x-ray curtains that weigh less than traditional x-ray curtains.  The 0.125mm Pb(free) curtains are only 0.6 mm thick, which is 30% thinner that lead-free vinyl.

Since 2015, our 0.125mm Pb(free) Ultralight curtains have been used by some of the worlds largest food manufacturers.  Due to client demand, the curtains are now available in 0.175mm and 0.25mm Pb(free).  The 0.25 mm Pb(free) sheet thickness is only 1.0 mm. 

Custom cut x-ray curtains are available for any model of x-ray system.  Send us an email with a drawing of your template to

Our ultralight x-ray curtains are manufactured in Houston, TX and are ROHS & REACH Compliant.

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