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How to Measure Security X-ray Curtain Flaps for an Order

Posted by Robert Miller on

How to Measure Security X-ray Radiation Protective Flaps


These instructions are for machines with individual curtain flaps.  If you have a full curtain set, please see instructions for measuring radiation curtains. Or download our order specification form here: Security Curtain RFQ Form

 Smiths Hiscan 6040 Xray Curtain flaps

First remove a flap from your scanner and place on a flat surface.

Then follow these steps:


  1. Measure the curtain lengthwise. Ensure the hangar holes are visible when you take a picture.

Security Xray Curtain Flap Vertical measurement


  1. Measure the curtain across the. Take picture with the hangar holes visible.

Security Xray Flap Horizontal Measurement


  1. If you have a micrometer, take a measurement or the curtain thickness. This helps us confirm you have the correct radiation protection level.

Measure Xray Curtain Flap Thickness with a Micrometer


  1. Take a picture of the nameplate so we insure the curtains are labeled for the right unit on Packing Slip.Nameplate Smiths Hiscan Security Scanner

Please count how many worn flaps you have on the scanner so we have an accurate number for the quotation.


Please send the photos by email to:    

                                     or by text to:              +1 832-519-8787

You can also take detailed measurements and send those by email.

Or use our Security Curtain RFQ Form


Remember to order online for fastest delivery to over 100 countries!

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