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Lead-Free and Lightweight Curtain Options for X-Ray Scanners

Posted by Robert Miller on

Upgraded Options For Shielding Food X-ray Scanners Running Light or Unpackaged Food

Do your customers ever have issues with the curtain shields on their x-ray inspection systems? There are several alternatives available today which can help you provide solutions to your customers.

Most x-ray scanners sold today use lead-free vinyl or rubber. In these curtains, the lead has been replaced with safer metals to block the x-rays. Tungsten is the most common metal. In addition to Lead-Free Vinyl, FDA compliant rubber and ultralight options are available for lightweight packages or raw food applications. These products includes lead equivalent protection of 0.125 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.35 mm depending on the level of protection required.

Lets look at some of the benefits and uses of each product.

Standard Lead-Free Vinyl

The vinyl curtain is the most common product used on packaged food scanners. Factory installed x-ray curtains for x-ray scanners may be Light Blue, Black or Light Green in color. The vinyl coating makes the shielding easy to clean and provides durability for applications where constant abrasion is seen.

"Ultralight" UHMW Coated Lead-Free Rubber (Black/Brown)

These lightweight x-ray curtains are perfect for x-ray systems processing lightweight pouches, cartons, or cups where normal curtains would cause the product to catch or stack up on the conveyor belt. The Ultralight curtains are often used in applications where product spacing is critical, especially upstream of a check-weigher. The UHMW on the product contact side also increases lifespan in higher wear applications.

FDA & EU Compliant Lead-Free Rubber (Black) for Raw Food Contact

These materials have been specifically developed for factories where raw food may come in contact with the product, including USDA regulated Facilities. The materials are compliant with either (1) US FDA requirements specified under 21 CFR 177.600 (e) and 177.2600 (f) for use in food contact applications, or (2) EU regulation (EC) 1935/2004. A reduction in surface friction and abrasion resistance is achieved by applying a special coating. To increase the tear resistance, polymer threads are encapsulated in the rubber.

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